Your Virtual Kitchen Makeover


What it is:


A three-dimensional computer-generated model of your new kitchen, customized with your selections of cabinets, countertops, appliances, floors, walls, and fixtures, etc. There’s no better way to “try it before you buy it”.


If you’re going to spend as much on your new kitchen as some people would spend on a new car, doesn’t it make sense to take a test drive first?



                                      BEFORE                                                                                     AFTER


What you get:


I will come to your house for a one-hour consultation to review your kitchen remodeling needs and desires, then take a complete set of measurements of your existing kitchen, which will be used to create the 3-D computer model, or your “virtual kitchen”.


You will receive a set of color printouts as well as a parts list, showing all the components of your new kitchen, which you can then use to order new cabinets, fixtures, and appliances.


What if I only want to do a small upgrade?


Use the Virtual Kitchen Makeover to try out various countertop options and color combinations before you make any final decisions. It’s amazing what just a few changes can make to your existing space.


What does it cost?


The cost of this “virtual Kitchen Makeover” package is $150, which would be credited toward your final invoice, should you choose to hire MacMahon Renovation Solutions to bring your new kitchen to life.


Call or write today to make an appointment:



phone: 603-275-4905


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